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Andres Almiray

There are several ways to install a release of xmlrpc using the install-plugin target of the griffon command line tool.

Name and Version

You can specify the name of the plugin alone. When you do this the command line tool will do its best to find the best match for your current settings: current Griffon version, UI toolkit, platform and JDK. If no suitable match is found you'll have to select a particular version yourself.

$ griffon install-plugin xmlrpc

$ griffon install-plugin xmlrpc 1.1.1


Alternatively you can specify an URL that contains the resource you want to install. For example, using this same portal you can point the install-plugin command to either of the following URLs

$ griffon install-plugin

$ griffon install-plugin

Zip File

As a last resort you can specify the location of the zip file if it's available in your filesystem, like so.

$ griffon install-plugin /path/to/