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Authored by:

Andres Almiray

Enables the usage of the Spring framework as Dependency Injection provider, and much more!


The Spring plugin will manage all relationships between artifacts by autowiring them by name. It relies on Grail's BeanBuilder to get the job done. You may define additional beans to be wired in a script named springbeans.groovy and place it under src/spring. This script should contain bean definitions as expected by BeanBuilder. A trivial exmaple follows


beans = {

You can also create addons that are Spring aware. Follow these steps to create such an addon

  1. Create a new plugin project

    griffon create-plugin foo
  2. Change into the newly created plugin's directory and create an addon

    griffon create-addon foo
  3. Edit your plugin's descriptor by declaring a dependency on the spring plugin

    class FooGriffonPlugin {
        Map dependsOn = [spring: '1.2.0']
  4. Your addon must contain at least one of the following properties

    class FooGriffonAddon {
        def doWithSpring = {
            // place bean definitions here
            // this closure will be called in the
            // context of a BeanBuilder instance
        def whenSpringReady = { app ->
            // called after all addons have been initialized
            // and all bean contributions have been processed

Addons that do not define a hard dependency on the Spring plugin can still contribute beans, either by placing bean definitions inside the doWithSpring property (might require access to Spring classes like factory beans) or inside griffon-app/conf/metainf/spring/springbeans.groovy (using the same format as src/spring/springbeans.groovy). The latter form is preferred for bean contributions that require spring classes which are not available in the plugin's classpath at buildtime.

Exposed Beans

The following beans are automatically configured in the ApplicationContext

Name Type Notes
application griffon.core.GriffonApplication current application instance
appConfig groovy.util.ConfigObject the application's configuration
artifactManager griffon.core.ArtifactManager
addonManager griffon.core.AddonManager
mvcGroupManager griffon.core.MVCGroupManager
uiThreadManager griffon.core.UIThreadManager

Additionally, all Model, View, Controller classes will see their respective GriffonClass exposed following a naming convention. If the model class is sample.SampleModel then it's griffonClass will be exposed as sampleModelClass.


The following events will be triggered by this addon

  • WithSpringStart[app, applicationContext] - triggered before bean contributions from addons are processed
  • WithSpringEnd[app, applicationContext] - triggered after bean contributions from addons have been processed
  • WhenSpringReadyStart[app, applicationContext] - triggered before addons tweak the applicationContext
  • WhenSpringReadyEnd[app, applicationContext] - triggered after addons have had their chance to tweak the applicationContext