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Authored by:

Andres Almiray

Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. This plugin lets you embed a Processing view into a Griffon application.


The following nodes will become available on a View script upon installing this plugin

Node Type
processing processing.core.PApplet


You must install the jogl-compat plugin if you intend to draw 3D scenes. The jogl plugin will not work as it provides a more recent version of JOGL that is incompatible with Processing's requirements.


  • create-processing-view - creates a new PApplet class at $basedir/griffon-app/processing. You can embed that class into a View script using the processing node.


Embedding a Processing View in an MVC group is simple. Just follow these steps

  1. Create an application named sample

    $ griffon create-app sample
  2. Insatll the processing plugin

    $ cd sample
    $ griffon install-plugin processing
  3. Create a brand new Processing view

    $ griffon create-processing-view sample
  4. Open up griffon-app/processing/sample/ and edit the file according to your liking.

  5. Configure the processing View to be used with the default MVC group. In Application.groovy:

    mvcGroups {
        // MVC Group for "sample"
        'sample' {
            model      = 'sample.SampleModel'
            papplet    = 'sample.FirstProcessingView'
            view       = 'sample.SampleView'
            controller = 'sample.SampleController'
  6. Use the papplet MVC member in a View

    package sample
    application(title: 'sample',
      preferredSize: [320, 240],
      pack: true,
      iconImage: imageIcon('/griffon-icon-48x48.png').image,
      iconImages: [imageIcon('/griffon-icon-48x48.png').image,
                   imageIcon('/griffon-icon-16x16.png').image]) {